The Traditional Knowledge Keepers Advisory Committee provides guidance and direction for the project. They will meet at least once a year to review program, findings and provide support and guidance, and will be conferred with by any committee of the PEKE project.


Traditional Knowledge Keepers will be actively involved within each of our member circles and across the PEKE partnerships. They will be the central to decision making and inspiring and guiding wise practice in each of our partners areas, as well as in PEKE communications strategy and targeted events.

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Joe Hyslop

Dene, Northland Denesuline


Mabel Horton

Cree, Nisichiwasyick Cree Nation

Stan Manoakeesik



Harry Bone

Ojibway, Keeseekoowenin



Henry Skywater

Dakota, Birdtail Dakota Sioux Nation

The Nanaanadawewigamig research team would like to acknowledge the work, dedication and commitment of one of the Knowledge Keepers who we sadly lost this year, Henry Skywater - Mughpiya mini, of Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation. In addition to his helping so many others, Henry was always willing to provide guidance and support to many of our research projects that included; Patient Wait Time Guarantee Project, REEES Advisory Committee, and the Partners for Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (PEKE) project.  In his role as a Knowledge Keeper, he shared many teachings with us and our partners. Henry was our host Knowledge Keeper at our first Manitoba First Nations Research conference, Enigok, in 2012 and travelled to the 21st International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) Conference in Pattaya, Thailand in 2013 to meet with other international Indigenous researchers and Knowledge Keepers.  In 2015, at the International Network for Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development (INHIKD) conference and at the Seventh Gathering of Healing Our Spirits Worldwide (HOSW) in Hamilton, New Zealand, where he shared his teachings through song. Also in 2015, he shared a drum song at our joint FNHSSM, FSIN, AFINIGC research conference, “Telling our own stories through Data” in Saskatoon, SK, as he had many times at our meetings across Manitoba.  During all our travels with Henry, he loved to tease, and this was just another way of him teaching us we are all human beings and not to let ourselves forget to laugh and find the beauty and joy in the life around us.

Thank you Henry for the time you took to teach and guide our team and partners, and Wopida to your family for sharing you with us. 

Wendy Mcnab, Henry Skywater, Leona Star

Healing Our Spirits Worldwide (HOSW) the Seventh Gathering

Hamilton, New Zealand

Knowledge Keepers, Mabel Horton and Henry Skywater with Leona Star

IUHPE Conference - Pattaya, Thailand